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Choosing to travel with Tanzania Exploration means choosing to travel responsibly, sustainably and safely in Tanzania. As a company, we care deeply about contributing to Tanzania’s social and economic development and we participate in several initiatives to do just that.

As a trusted travel company in Tanzania providing exceptional wildlife and nature experiences, we understand that the great wilds of Tanzania need protecting and preserving. That’s why we’re dedicated to sustainable business practices and actively contributing to environmental projects throughout the country.

  • We choose our luxury lodges and Tanzania accommodation partners based on a list of exacting environmental criteria. One of the most essential points on that list is sustainable business practices. From waste reduction to green energy consumption. 75% of Tanzania Specialist accommodation options use solar panels.
  • Our custom-made Tanzania vacations prioritise eco-friendly experiences. From hiking and biking to canoeing and camping, many of our guests’ favourite activities leave only real footprints.


In addition to promoting sustainable travel within our guests’ trips, we also try to reduce our carbon footprint by planting trees in our Manyara Tree Planting Project. We proudly launched this project in 2020 on a 30-acre piece of land in the Manyara region. Since then, we added 18 acres close to Arusha National Park, which allowed us to plant thousands of indigenous trees up to now.

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